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John Jay School for Law is part of the ED-OPT model that many NYC DOE schools use. This means that about half of our incoming 9th graders are selected randomly, and the other half are selected based on their standardized test scores and attendance. The test scores are used to select students who preformed at all levels, ensuring that our incoming students have a variety of academic strengths and areas of need. Prospective students are also ranked based on their attendance in middle school. If a students decides John Jay School for Law is where they want to attend high school, their best chances of joining us is in the fall is to list us as their top choice. 
Open house information will be posted soon. 
"With a strong commitment to the ideals of justice and equality, John Jay School for Law aspires to empower students to think critically, write analytically, and speak passionately."
Instructional Focus
At John Jay School for Law student will develop strong literacy skills to underpin academic growth and autonomous learning; simultaneously, students will cultivate habits of mind to foster confidence and self-advocacy. Our students will harness these skills to thrive and succeed in the arena of academic, civics and entrepreneurship.
Academic Supports for All Student
Meeting the needs of each individual student is essential not only to students success but also student enjoyment of education. We are focused on meeting each student's specific needs whether it be through extra help/tutoring, IEP and related services in and out of the classroom, certified ELL instruction for language learners, Saturday Regents prep, and many other individualized supports here at Law. Our teachers and staff work to know all of our students as individuals, and care deeply about personal growth.