Dear Parents/ Guardians

I hope this letter reaches you all at a time of good health and that your summer has been enjoyable. As the new school year approaches, be advised that John Jay School for Law is implementing the YONDR pouch system to help with improving our school’s culture and academic performance. Yondr has been implemented in over 2,000 schools across 16 countries to increase student engagement and boost intellectual learning.

We believe that phones do have great utility when used for academic reasons and used appropriately and we have also found that concentration, focus and social behavior improves drastically when students are fully engaged with their teachers and their peers.

Additionally, our data proves that the preponderance of conflict both verbal and physical are results of inappropriate use of social media and texting during school hours. It is our belief that the Yondr pouch will assist our staff in reducing the conflicts as it has done in schools across our district, our city and the country. The Yondr pouch program utilizes a simple, secure pouch that stores a phone and ear buds. Every student will secure their phone in a personally assigned Yondr pouch when they arrive at school. Students will maintain possession of their phones and will not use them until their pouches are opened at the end of the school day. Students are required to bring their Yondr pouch to and from school each day and are responsible for their pouch at all times.

The Yondr Educational Program has received responses to their annual surveys from over 1,200 school partners, and after implementing the program:

· 84% saw a change in student engagement.

· 72% saw a positive change in student behavior.

· 68% saw a positive impact on academic performance.

Of the most recent impact survey of over 370 schools:

· 86% saw a positive impact in student safety and wellness.

We are hosting two more virtual opportunities for you to ask questions, share thoughts and learn more about the protocols related to this cell phone policy. In an effort to best serve your child, we appreciate your full support in adoption of the Yondr Program at our school.

· Wednesday August 23 at 5:30 pm

· Saturday August 26 at 11:00 am

Thank you

Shomari Akil