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“With a strong commitment to the ideals of justice and equity, John Jay School for Law aspires to empower students to think critically, write analytically, and speak passionately.” 


Instructional Focus


At John Jay School for Law students will harness critical thinking skills, such as questioning, investigation, and self-directed learning, to confidently enter urgent academic conversations as authentic speakers, persuasive writers, and creative problem solvers; their investigation culminates in a senior thesis.


Digital Instruction


Adapting to the digital world has been at the forefront of our practice at Law. Ensuring success for our students has forced us to rethink how we deliver instruction down to the core. Using Learning Modules, we are able to work with students both synchronously and asynchronously whether they are in-person or remote. The Learning Module system enables our students to view and plan for all of their lessons and assignments at the start of each unit, giving them increased control over their own education. For more information about the Learning Module system please join us for one of our virtual open house events!


Academic Support for All Students


Meeting the needs of each individual student is essential not only to student success but also student enjoyment of education. We are focused on meeting each student’s specific needs whether it be through extra help/tutoring, IEP and related services in and out of the classroom, certified ELL instruction for language learners, Saturday Regents prep, and many other individualized supports here at Law. Our teachers and staff work to know all of our students as individuals, and care deeply about their personal growth.

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