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Social-Emotional Learning


At Law we fully understand that the needs of each student encompass so much more than academic instruction. Our teachers have all participated in social-emotional workshops and work every day to support students in their growth holistically. Learning from our partner, Brain Power Wellness, we have moved to include mindfulness practices that improve stress reduction, emotional response, and relationship building. Supporting our students to find their strengths as well as helping them target their own areas for improvement allows our students to create and navigate their own path as they grow from young adults into the leaders of tomorrow.


College and Career Readiness


Taking the step from high school to college is both exciting and nerve-wracking. As a community, we work with all students and families starting in the 9th grade to begin creating a plan for post-secondary education and career options. Events like career day and "I love my college" day allow our students to learn first-hand the opportunities they have and how to reach them. By the time our students reach their senior year they have already written their personal statement and begun the college application process. Working with our partner, College Bridge for All, each student is given individual attention and support throughout the entire application process from FAFSA to accepting a college offer.  

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